“Tyrannosaurus Brick” From Book of Poems

The mighty tyrannosaurus brick is on the prowl.
It hunts at all hours.
Gobbling up the feeble man humans night and day.
Man humans being killed daily by the turn-style of death.

There’s another poor soul being swallowed by the mouth of its glass teeth.
Jaws opening wide with a sound of a mechanical whir.
Doors swooshing chomping as the man humans enter.

Some manage to escape its clutches to never return.
And some never come out being slowly digested in the bowels of bills and debt.
This beast needs to feed you see.
For if there are no man humans to feed on then tyrannosaurus brick will become extinct.
As long as they get their nutrition called work.
The tyrannosaurus brick will continue to roam the earth and gobble souls.
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