Track Day at Gingerman Raceway


MotoWorks Chicago

The weather was awesome the riding was fast and the days were fun. It was great to push the bike more than I usually do during my street rides. I’ve pick up a lot of good  tips from the coaches. They were great guys. And the hosts, well what can you say about them, great group of guys.

I would like to thank the fellas over at Motoworks Chicago for hosting the Annual  Track Day at Gingerman raceway. And especial thanks to Johnny Scheff aka Mr. Moto. I had a great experience with the crew and learned a lot. Also got a chance to hang out with our Ride Chicago crew in a different setting. Made for much fun and excitement. It was a total blast too to ride along with Angel of Motorcycle Mania. You have a bad ass ride dude.. How much did you pay for that?! What a deal!

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