International Motorcycle Show 2017 Review


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In the winter months of Chicago there’s not much riding to be done, so instead we fantasize and dream of that next adventure riding our cycles. In the meantime February always brings a breath of fresh air when we’re able to see the latest and greatest motorcycles at the International Motorcycle show.  I always advise the newbies in the market that this is a great place to sit on a cycle and take a first look. After all that’s what the manufactures hope to do.

First the social media conversations start out by “Hey who’s going to the cycle show this year?” and hoping to see “YOU” yes “You” there. This is also a chance to take my little helper out for a photo opportunity in the “Lost Little Boy Series”. View the photos and you’ll see what I mean.

I always advocate to those in the market to try sitting on many cycles before you go out and impulse buy after watching “Sons of Anarchy” and to get a feel for what fits you. Visit many dealerships and try them out I say, and call me for advice. Let’s admit that we are all shapes and sizes and the best way to tryout those new shoes you saw online is to try them on THEN order them online.. ha! Well do the same for cycles. Get on as many bikes as you can. Some are tall some are short. Controls can vary on many a cycle. Pick a class of bike that you dream you look good on in a mirror, if it says tattoos and patched leather vests, then go for it, But try out all the manufacture’s in that class of motorcycles, cruiser, sport, dual sport etc. Well the motorcycle show gives you the opportunity to do exactly that so don’t miss out. This rule applies for accessories and apparel many time with show discounts.

I have a few favorites for this year but the one that stands out to me and says, this is a keeper is the BMW R nine T Racer. This beauty has a cafe retro style racing look with modern amenities. I believe not only will it last the times and become a collectable one of these days, it will hold it’s resale value nicely. But who in their right mind would want to resell this gem and if you are one of those knucklehead’s sell it to me. Because I want one. I’ve always wanted a Beamer cycle for it’s reputation as a longevity lasting gadget James Bond look and of course well made cycles. But I really didn’t find one that I’d say WOW! Well the 2017 R nine T is it. So now the quest for one is on. I only hope I can get one before they become a hard to find bike. Wow that’s a bold statement for a cycle that is just coming out. Time will tell.

Oh and by the way, some honorable mentions; the Triumphs new Street Triple RS and that sweet looking Triumph Bonneville Bobber. If this was Westminster dog show of cycles it would be, Third place Triumph Bobber, Second place Triumph Street Triple RS and Best in Show BMW R nine T Racer…

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