Chicago Auto Show 2020

A nice cure for the winter blues and being cooped up inside during the cold Chicago winter months was heading over with the kid to the annual Auto Show. I had gotten over the flu and the kid wasn’t feeling too well to go with with me to the annual motorcycle show the previous week and he begged me to take him to the auto show (he’s more of a car fanatic unlike his dad) even tho he had the flu blues too. Which may I add, why the hell do they host these two events during the same month. With a noticeably yearly low turn out for the motorcycle show the previous weekend, wouldn’t it make sense for the car people to enjoy some motorcycles too. Some people can’t make both. What the hell? Figure it out people let’s stop having the opening of the Motorcycle show AND the car show at the same time.

In case you missed the auto show here are some pictures from the day, cut short by the kid not feeling too well.

Photo Set 1Photo Set 2Photos Set 3
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