Blood Sweat and Heels

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The time has come for an inter sectional comedy about Strippers, and you can help to make that happen. By helping to fund our teaser, you’re helping to ensure Blood, Sweat & Heels comes to fruition as the entertaining and impactful series we know it’s meant to be.

Teasers help us to provide a proof of concept video for potential investors as well as for Production Companies interested in partnering with our project.

In supporting our project, you will be supporting a Creative Team as diverse as the story we will bring to the screen- members of our team are queer and non-white, with backgrounds ranging from performance art to film production to sex work.

There are no examples in popular culture that begin to rival what Blood, Sweat & Heels offers as an authentic, entertaining representation of sex workers free from whore-phobia and stereotyping. We’re overdue for this project and the potential it has to deepen our understanding of feminism.

In the midst of the “Me Too” era, sex workers are still woefully absent from the public dialog around sexual misconduct and body autonomy- and that dialog suffers for negating their experiences and expertise.

This project is our way to begin to rectify that reality. Blood, Sweat & Heels has the power to transform audience members into better friends, lovers, and family members to sex workers, and we’re asking for your help to do just that.

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