5 Star Bar July Bike Night 2017

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This month’s motorcycle Monday brought out the American class of bikes. Many Harley Davidson’s and a few Indians motorcycles. The evening featured a bike off of two fine vintage cycles. Like a fine wines waiting to be tasted and appreciated all for your viewing pleasure.  A 1950 Harley Davidson Pan Head vs. a 1948 Indian Chief. It’s a battle that has been going on as long as Ford vs. Chevy, as long as Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cats vs. Dogs, Coke vs. Pepsi, Popeye vs. Bugs Bunny?? — the bitter rivalry between Harley-Davidson and Indian, two all-American motorcycle’s that are evenly matched and ready to rumble. We know who lasted the battle of time between the two manufactures but I’d like to imagine what could’ve been if Indian Motors didn’t close shop back 1953. With the resurgence of the new Indians though I can’t wait what the future holds. At long last we brought a bit of the rivalry back in our own friendly way at Moto Monday’s.  Hope you like the pics and the results.

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