Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2018

This year’s motorcycle was filled with familiar friendly faces all with smiles on checking out the latest moto machines. The displays and layouts were nice and many cool custom bikes as part of the best bike contest. As always the show has a full compliment of bike manufactures and many apparel shops to stock up for a the riding season. Many cool bikes and my personal favorite was the 2018 Honda CB1000R. I fell in love with this one and would love to test ride it. Maybe a visit to a Honda dealership is in order. Another time spender was on the 2018 Yamaha MT-09. This is one sweet bike with one downer, I’m not a fan of the one piece seat. That aside it’s a sweet looking ride. One downer of the show was Ducati was MIA. From reading why Ducati was missing from IMS, they will be putting out a strong campaign on reaching the younger audience. We hope your gearing up for a spectacular booth next year.

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