Enter the photographer.

As a photographer, my specialty is moto photography. You can check out my extreme machines series in my album section. I also like to take photos of events, capturing those special moments in a time of yesteryear.

I’ve been shooting since I was a youngster, the tools change over the years, but the craft is the same. I try to capture the story behind each photo series resulting in your story book. Feel free & please browse the merchandise but if you break it you pay. All proceeds go to support my family.

Want more you say read on…

I enjoy working with people and providing good results. I am a camera shooter for hire and always work towards getting exciting images. I also work in the I.T. field as a systems support personnel. I have a long history in both and looking for the next challenge. If you want a serious look at my work history for hire, I am on LinkedIn.

As a moto photographer I meet out with a group of riders whenever possible and always look to hone my craft with the camera. I was chosen to feature my bike photos for MotoBlot 2016 as one of the feature photographers. When I’m not with my camera riding bareback you can catch me on my motorcycle tearing up some asphalt teaching at Ride Chicago Motorcycle School.

Please feel free to friend me on FB  and tell me how we met. I hope it was enjoyable and memorable.

I take a picture of everything but do understand privacy issues so If you wish to be removed from this site please contact me.

My images have my logo and are easily copied if you so like. Make them your profile picture, pass along.

If you use some of my images for an article or social blog please give me credits and send me links. I appreciate the exposure.

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Thank you for your ongoing support.

My Skills

All things I.T.
Tearing up asphault on Motorcycles
Playing guitar like Esteban
Se habla español