Dainese Chicago Store Opening

Many familiar faces and many new ones over at the grand opening of the Dainese Store in Chicago.

How exciting is it to have a top quality store that provides leathers, helmets, gloves, shoes, boots and all sorts of good motorcycle apparel and to be opening up near by. I’ve always loved this brand of gear ever since I was a young rider and meeting a new friend who shows up to ride dressed to the T in a one piece full black on racing suit. The only hint of color was on the neck and the chest with infamous logo of the speed demon.

It fit him like a glove and he turned out to be one hell of a rider. I think it was the super suit he had on.

This brand folks is great top notch, five stars, thumbs up with a special love for their designs and styling. I’m a kid in a candy store again. Thanks Dainese.

Friends please stop in and if you know me and have taken one of my motorcycle classes at Ride Chicago Moto School I preach the word of safety. Go out and get some good gear!

Please copy down my complimentary photos and post them and tag me and send me a shout out. Friend me on FB and keep me in mind for some photo shoots….
Thanks friends, see ya soon!

Complimentary photos!

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