Ride Chicago May Intermediate Training

Had a great time out with my friends over at the range. Enjoyed watching the cycles zip by.  All looked like they were having fun improving their skills. Can’t wait for the next one!     (Click this symbol    in the top right corner to view full page slideshow.)        

Kids Kite Day

  THE RED BARON FLIES AGAIN! My kid’s Red Baron kite was tangling down the other kites. It took an ACE fighter pilot to wrangle him down. We had a great time with our friends over at the 17th annual Chicago Kids and Kites Festival.  

Vive La Navidad

Warmth and sunshine with bright holiday lights can describe both the holiday season and of the kind people here. Beautiful colors with beautiful traditions go hand in hand as family and friends gather to enjoy the city’s festivities. Have I forgotten to mention the great food. Enjoy some cityscape photos of Guadalajara Mexico. Side note: do I miss the snow, I say no to this.    

Downtown In December

The elusive cab. Living in Chicago is truly living in an urban jungle. Buildings high and might made of concrete canopies. Sounds of the mighty fire trucks roaring in the distance. Businessmen with leather satchels and little white plugs in their ears hunting for their net worth. This time of the year brings much overcast sunless days. Kind of gloom and fog mixed in a salad bowl of pale mush. Yet there are colors all around us, it’s just hard to see sometimes. And my […]

A Frozen Sommer Birthday

The movie Frozen came to life for us this weekend, just in miniature. A little birthday bash with special guest appearance by Queen Elsa and Princess Anna was one of the many highlights of this day. Their sing off was a special treat singing and playing with the little ones. (see slideshow) Hope you enjoy the pictures. A special shout out to a now number one fan of mine Grandma Mimi..  She had nothing but nice things to say to me and […]

Christmas Jammies

Yet again I’m happy to have some close and dear friends that let me take some family Holiday photos. I call them the coolest couple of town. How I enjoy this session and look forward to taking more photos of our young hip friends. Thanks Slideshow tips: Best viewed with full screen on. Use < left and right > to advance or return Has music, turn up volume    

Flatout Flatbread Photo shoot

Had a great opportunity to shoot for a great food product. All I can think while I was shooting was how delicious this product looked and neatly prepped. How versatile and easy was it to whip up some veggies and meats for a tasty looking dish. Even our little models enjoyed flatbread.. I was tempted to take a bite several times. Maybe the client wouldn’t notice. 🙂 You be the judge   To end on another good note I was given a bag full of the delicious […]

Carolina and Ricardo Holiday Party

    Piñatas, music, great food, little ones enjoying games and playing, good company with dear friends. What fun! Oh and the tamales Angie brought,, hmm hmmm delicious. Left overs didn’t last too long. All I can say is more more, more, more! Caro & Ric, Thank you for having us over. We look forward to getting together again AND the warmer weather and swimming in that nice pool.    

Holiday House Warming Party

    It’s always fun with our dear friends. Thank you for having us over and allowing me to play paparazzi for the evening. Look forward to the next get together. Hope to see you soon!

Ride Chicago Party

  Ride Chicago End of Year Party 2014