Ride Chicago Intermediate Class July 2015

    The morning was just right, Sun is up and the bikes lined up. All ready to roll on and ride the course. We had an excellent time of riding. Pushing are limits while learning important riding skills.

Katy and the Urban Ped

    A moped ( MOH-ped) is a small motorcycle, generally having a less stringent licensing requirement than motorcycles, or automobiles, because mopeds typically travel about the same speed as bicycles on public roadways. Strictly speaking, mopeds are driven by both an engine and by bicycle pedals, but in common usage and in many jurisdictions the term moped is used for any moped-sized motorcycle even if it does not have pedals. The word moped is a portmanteau of “motor” and […]

Jocelyn Quinceanera

Noah Turns 7

    Another great party in the books. Thank you friend’s for coming out to Noah’s party. Our special kid was happy as can be. The weather cleared up and the kids were extra happy and excited. Dual bouncy houses are still the kid’s favorites and some grown up’s too. I hope they all slept as well as we did. We’re all partied out! Whew! We’ll have to figure out how to incorporate a water slide for the next one.

Strat’s Memorial Meet

    We at Strats would like to thank Ride-Chi and Nowak Designs Inc (donating the decals) for helping us organize this memorial for Miranda and Matt. Tonights event was spectacular to say the least. We were able to raise $1,800 in just 2 hrs tonight from your very much appreciated donations. All of the monies will be going to the families to help assist with their expenses they have acquired. If you were not able to be here with […]

Frankie Turns 4

    Happy Birthday Frankie! Dear friends thank you for having us. We enjoyed celebrating’s Frankie’s birthday. Noah especially like the dune buggy ride. We look forward to the next gathering.

MotoBlot 2015

    The weather was great, the event was awesome, the cycle & girlies were gorgeous.  My Ruca & Kid came out to enjoy and had my best buds ride out with me, and met up plenty of others riders. Couldn’t ask for a better day. Hope you enjoy my photos.

Silvia & Joshua Wedding

    What a beautiful lovely couple. We had a lovely time. There was much love in the air that evening. I can’t stop saying love! Congratulations! Thank you dear friend’s Silvia and Joshua for allowing me to capture some moments. I was honored to witness your union and to toast and celebrate with the lovely couple.

Cesar Birthday Bash

    What a fine time with a some fine friends. Thanks for the invite. Happy Birthday Cesar and family we enjoyed the celebration. Love you guys.    

Holiday Club Bikes and Burlesque

    After a working hard wrangling the back tire on the o’l Indian. My bud and I headed out to meet some friends over at the Holiday Club for a night of Bikes Babes and Boobies.