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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Chicago 2018

(Page load up depends on internet speed. Please be patient while loading) The world’s largest charitable motorcycle event for owners of classic and vintage styled bikes rode on Sunday September 30th, 2018. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride brings together over 120,000 well dressed gentlefolk in 650+ cities on stunning motorcycles for men’s health across 95 countries. The goal for 2018 is to raise awareness and $6m for prostate cancer and men’s mental health on behalf of charity partner the Movember Foundation. […]

Chicago Car Show 2018

Great time at this years auto show over at McCormick Place. Once again we roamed the show among many oogling and drooling over the newest models of cars, trucks, awesome looking displays and friendly faces. It makes one think how we love our four wheel machines. People jumping in to the driver seats and imaging another life roaming the roads like nomads with all the luxury and technology built in. The outside world can be in ruins like some Mad […]

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Super Cars Showroom

Somewhere in the land of infinite money the kid and I went car shopping at Perillo exotic car dealership. More like browsing. Enjoy the photos of these amazing cars.

Dainese Chicago Store Opening

Many familiar faces and many new ones over at the grand opening of the Dainese Store in Chicago. How exciting is it to have a top quality store that provides leathers, helmets, gloves, shoes, boots and all sorts of good motorcycle apparel and to be opening up near by. I’ve always loved this brand of gear ever since I was a young rider and meeting a new friend who shows up to ride dressed to the T in a one […]

Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2018

This year’s motorcycle was filled with familiar friendly faces all with smiles on checking out the latest moto machines. The displays and layouts were nice and many cool custom bikes as part of the best bike contest. As always the show has a full compliment of bike manufactures and many apparel shops to stock up for a the riding season. Many cool bikes and my personal favorite was the 2018 Honda CB1000R. I fell in love with this one and […]

Travels Through Mexico Countryside 2017

A montage of photos through my travels in Mexico put in a nice little slideshow with MUSIC…best viewed on computer with large screen and lower your speakers if you don’t want to wake up the neighbors 🙂   Note: Use these symbols to go back, pause and forward pictures.

The lonely clock looks down on us reminding us of her.
Reminding us what we don’t have much of.
This beautiful woman called time.
She reminds us to smile.
She tells us to spend her with loved ones.
She tells us to spend her being kind.
She tells us to spend her being good and kiss often.
For the lonely clock is her assistant, clicking, ticking constantly reminding us.
She is running out.
She will leave us.
This beauty called time.

Oh window, Oh window where can you be?
I look through you but cannot see.
I’m lost in this thing called life.
Living is my goal I can’t think twice.
Its apparent you will not answer me.
And I drown in sadness and agony.
Oh window, oh window please, please, please!
Take me to the other side I’m waiting happily.

Alone by yourself in the undergrowth of the steel garden.
Eating stirring picking your food with the cool aroma of dampness.
The uniformity of bricks and tiles like wild flowers in a sea of grass.
The pipes are vines spreading as far as the eye can see created by the man god.
The girth of steel pillars like the mighty tree bolted down like roots to hold their cemented leaves above.
This is beauty of the modern age.
We just don’t notice it even when we’re alone.





I️ ponder to compare the wooden tracks of old to the scene of the rising train.
In the morn of the twilight it cast sun shadows on the busy streets below
At night it roars with a thunderous light of sparks that zooms above your head like a mystical dragon of steel, screeching along the way.
“Next stop Chicago!”
Announces the robotic mystic beast.
What would the turn of the century conductor say, of this modern city’s present day?